The best large and small cities in America

Hey you, no you over there. No not you, I'm talking to you the Amazon decision maker who is deciding where to setup your "other" corporate headquarters. 

Resonance Consultancy, a leader in the “destination branding” industry has created a top 10 list of the best large and small cities in the United States. The agency focused on 27 criteria that include crime rates, air quality, housing affordability, entertainment offerings, cultural diversity, and economic vitality.

You can find full detail of this article from Bloomberg. [Click Here]

It's not often that I like being second best, but "Second City" #Chitown #daChi, was determined to be the 2nd best city in the United States after New York .  I'm OK with that. New York is a global city, like London or Tokyo, but Chicago is that and can still be an "America" City!  Chicago is a place where all spectrum of people can live grow and enjoy life --- and our transportation system works. Tee Hee