Commercial and Home Remodeling Insurance

When planning to renovate a home, residential structure, office building or even a multimillion-dollar commercial facility, clients face exposures not typically covered under a standard property insurance policy or risk minimal coverage should a loss occur. These clients could be contractors, homeowners, house flippers, business investors and other entities with an insurable interest in the structure. Whether preparing to add on to the existing structure or update it with new features, commercial and home remodeling insurance from the Builders Risk Plan provides financial protection and peace of mind for the simple upgrades to complex improvements throughout the course of construction. 

The Builders Risk Plan is an inland marine policy for residential and commercial course of construction projects, including interior and exterior home remodeling and property renovation. Policies are insured in the contractor or owner’s name, and clients benefit from the industry’s most comprehensive policy and flexible terms. Using our online platform, we create a policy specific to your clients’ needs while under construction. 

Project examples

  • Basic Remodel: changes to interior, (e.g. replacement of  interior fixtures, cabinets and flooring)

  • Minor Structural: changes to interior and exterior, (e.g. doors, windows, roof replacement and ground floor additions)

  • Major Structural: repair, replacement or removal of load-bearing walls or foundation of stories, stairways and elevators

  • Ineligible: Historical structures; projects involving the historical society or that will be applying for historical status during renovation


  • Rate, quote and issue online in minutes

  • Residential and commercial structures eligible

  • Option to insure the renovation value only or include coverage for the existing structure

  • 6, 9 or 12-month policy terms, extensions available with underwriting approval

  • Coverage for theft of building materials or vandalism

  • Option to purchase higher sub-limits and additional coverage, including endorsements for green building, change orders and many more

  • Occupancy for a single-family dwelling allowed if the building is being remodeled

  • Occupancy for two, three or four-family dwellings when less than 50 percent is leased or rented

  • Occupancy for commercial structures when less than 75 percent of the square footage is leased or rented

  • Improvements or renovations must represent at least 20 percent of the existing structure value

  • Direct billing with premium payment installment options