Food Truck Business?

Thinking of Starting a Food Truck Business?

You've come to the right place.

Food Trucks are a fantastic way to start your long-term food restaurant business. The costs are substantially lower and less stressful than owning or renting a facility and building it up.  Its also away to test your recipes to see what is working.  It does come with its own frustrations and thus its own rewards. Many brick and mortar business restaurants keep their trucks long after their main restuarant is established. 

We combine a business owner policy with commercial auto coverage allowing food truck operators to get coverage for the truck alone or a truck linked with a brick-and-mortar restaurant. 

Owners are often left to work with a confusing mix of separate policies and even separate insurance companies, including commercial auto, business owner and restaurant policies. Chicago requires food truck owners to have proof of commercial general liability insurance, with coverage of $350,000 or more.

We understand food trucks and speak your language. Established in 2016, we started with the sole purpose to help protect food trucks, food trailers and mobile food vendors with what we feel is the most comprehensive program with the best pricing. 

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  • A grease fire ignites in a flash and spreads quickly through your stove’s exhaust hood and flue duct. Restaurant property insurance can help when fire, vandalism or other unforeseen disasters cause damage to your restaurant.

  • A customer suffers from food poisoning after a meal prepared by your food truck. Restaurant liability insurance can help cover costs when the food or drink you serve is responsible for accidents, mistakes or injuries.

  • An employee forges your signature on a company check that is cashed by a third party. Restaurant crime insurance can help with losses from robbery, fraud, forgery or theft.

  • A busy waiter scalds his leg when he trips and falls under a tray of hot drinks. Workers’ compensation insurance can help with medical costs and related lawsuits when employees are hurt on the job.