Business Insurance for Crime

The more successful your company, the more it may attract the attention of dishonest people — whether employees, associates or outsiders. 

We are small business owners, too, and understand the challenges of protecting your company from people with negative intent. They can show you insurance coverage options to help address a variety of risks like these — low-tech and high-tech:

While reviewing bank statements from the last few months, you discover someone wrote checks worth thousands of dollars to a vendor you don’t use. Employee dishonesty coverage can help if employees steal from your company — whether on their own or with the help of outsiders.

A fire destroys several important documents — and there aren’t any copies from which their data can be retrieved. Valuable papers and records coverage can help with the expense of recreating important documents.

Your deposit bag is stolen from a messenger on her way to the bank — and contains more cash than usual because it’s your company’s busiest time of the year. Money and securities theft (external) coverage can help if money and securities are stolen while they’re in the care of anyone covered by your policy. 

You accept what appears to be a perfectly legitimate money order. A few days later, your bank tells you it was counterfeit and immediately debits your account. Money order and counterfeit paper currency coverage can help if you accept counterfeit bills or money orders as payment. 

Although addressed to your business, a batch of newly printed checks are delivered to someone else — who uses several of your checks to pay for expensive electronic equipment. Forgery and alteration coverage can help when checks are fraudulently written, altered or signed. 

A hacker gains access to your computer system and steals your customers’ credit and debit card information. Cyber liability and data breach response coverage can help you investigate a breach and manage negative effects on your company’s reputation. It also helps you notify consumers and provide them with credit monitoring service for a period.

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This brief summary is for illustrative purposes only and is not a policy document.  Please read the actual policy documents and discuss in more specifics with an agent. If there is a conflict between this summary and the policy documents, the policy documents will control.  Not all products, coverage, options and discounts are available for every client.