Business Insurance for Commercial Vehicles

Your business is thriving. You might be a contractor splurging on a top-of-the-line pickup. Perhaps your flower shop achieved its goal of an all-electric fleet of delivery vans. Maybe social media raves for your fusion tacos created enough demand for a second food truck.

However you use vehicles in your business, one thing is clear: You need commercial auto insurance. We can help with coverage options that reduce risk and improve operations.

Because we are also small business owners, they understand the unique challenges of commercial driving in today’s increasingly distracted world. 

Here are some typical commercial vehicle risks — and the coverage we offers: 

While running a company errand in his own car, your employee rear-ends a church van. Injuries aren’t severe, but several people are hurt — and your employee’s low liability limits aren’t enough to cover medical costs. Non-owned auto coverage can help if employees cause accidents in their own cars on company business.

You’re on your way to a business lunch when an uninsured driver runs a stop sign and hits your car. The impact is strong enough to fracture your wrist. Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage can help when drivers who don’t have enough insurance are responsible for injuries or damage in an accident.

Your diesel cargo van overturns, spilling fuel onto the highway and a nearby grassy area. You discover that the government requires testing for environmental damage. A commercial auto policy can help if fuels or lubricants from one of your company’s vehicles cause damage.



Accident damage might take your vehicle out of commission, but business must continue. To help minimize cost and inconvenience, We offers a broad range of coverage options so you can select coverage that best fits your needs — from towing and labor to rentals and loss of use.

Other options worth considering:

  • In some states, a telematics feature that uses GPS is available to help you monitor the locations and safe driving habits of your employees.
  • Lease/loan coverage provides coverage for amounts you owe under the terms of a lease or loan agreement. 



A contractor’s truck is usually filled with expensive tools and equipment — leaving you with the risk of damage or theft as it’s driven to job sites and parked for the day. We can help as you choose personalized coverage for the tools of your trade. 

Your agent can also explain options when indemnity agreements require something called primary and non-contributory coverage. With this insurance, the general contractor’s coverage won’t be responsible for covered damage caused by you — the subcontractor.  



Food trucks face unique risks while driving and operating, especially if they serve alcohol.

  • Mobile business interruption coverage available on the auto policy is designed to indemnify you for income lost when a vehicle used as a mobile business is out of commission due to a covered loss.
  • Our primary mobile food vendor insurance provides coverage for business property carried on your truck, equipment breakdowns, and money and securities.
  • The premier package offers generous limits in coverage for food spoilage and food-borne illness.  

We have an insurance solution designed to fit the needs of food truck operators — from mobile weekend warriors to full-time vendors. 



Commercial auto coverage is just one component in a full menu of business insurance options. We can also discuss coverage for other possible risks like:

A customer visiting your office is injured when she trips on a step in the hallway. 

Business liability insurance can help with associated medical and legal costs, and judgments resulting from lawsuits. You lose your ability to generate business income while your shop is closed to repair fire damage.

Business property insurance can help when a covered event interrupts your company’s income. A hacker gains access to your computer system and steals customers’ credit card information. Cyber liability and data breach response insurance can help with investigation, reputation management, contacting customers and more.

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This brief summary is for illustrative purposes only and is not a policy document.  Please read the actual policy documents and discuss in more specifics with an agent. If there is a conflict between this summary and the policy documents, the policy documents will control.  Not all products, coverage, options and discounts are available for every client.